Do you have Deadbolts?

double-cylinder-deadboltI go out to many places and see doors that do not have deadbolts. Deadbolts are the main security on a wooden, metal or a fiberglass door. You want to have a deadbolt that has a 1 inch solid throw with a roll pin in it. The strike for the deadbolt should at least have two 3 inch screws AND two 1/2 inch screws to give you good support into your door frame. Too many times people have deadbolts installed and the strike only has two 1/2 inch screws. That really doesn’t give you much support for break ins.

The cylinder of the deadbolt needs to be protected. Their are 2 types of deadbolts; a single cylinder deadbolt which is key operation on the outside and thumb turn on the inside. A double cylinder deadbolt is key operation on both sides for doors that have glass in or near them.

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