Electronic Lock Services

Electronic Locks – Access Control can be used in a Residential or Commercial location. Access Control provides the ability to restrict how and when a person may enter an area. Access Control Products can be as simple as an electronic push button lock or as extensive as a multi-door system. Access Control is all about giving people controlled access. This consists of systems that utilize credentials such as magnetic strips, proximity cards, pin codes, biometrics to grant access. Access control systems may use electric strikes, electric exit devices, Chexit, mag locks, door position switches and/or sirens.

There are many benefits of having Access Control Systems. The main benefit is having the ability to permit or deny entry to your premises without using a key. This can be a great convenience  to a company with many employees that have a high turnover rate or even for  business that has people come in after hours.  This prevents having to re-key a business and giving out new keys over and over again.  The user can just delete the person’s credentials so they will no longer have access.

Another great benefit of having Access Control is that it enables you to access reports that show an audit trail for each door. These reports provide data that shows when a person entered a door and the time.

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