Are you in need of a Safe?

New & Used Safes

Call Florida Keys Locksmith!

We can point you in the right directions as to what type of safe you need. Whether it is a burglar safe, fire safe or both (composite).

We sell new and used safes.  Other services include opening, repairing and servicing safes, safe combination changes and safes bolted to the floor (safes under 700 pounds should be bolted to the floor).

We move safes locally.

Things to ask yourself when looking to buy a safe?

    1. What protection do you need? Fire or burglary or both?
    2. What kind of lock do you need; mechanical or electronic?
    3. Will it hold computer media or important documents?
    4. What are the most important things you want to put in the Safe?
    5. Your documents and valuables only fill half the Space for future Storage?
    6. How much do you want to spend?
    7. Where do you want to place the safe?
    8. What are the ratings on the safe?
    9. What kind of lock do you want?