Oldsmar Locksmith Review

CHARLES, Oldsmar, Fl 34677

Description Of Locksmith Services:
Had to get into two file cabinets which were locked by my ‘wonderful’ grandsons.  I misplaces the keys and had a major project ‘tied up’ until I had access to material in the cabinets.  Craig came out almost immediately, had the parts he needed, quickly picked the locks and replaced them.  More concerned about the job being done correctly vrs. how quick it could be done on exceeding any estimate.

Oldsmar Locksmith
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Do you know the difference between Re-Keying and having your locks changed?

Re-Keying and having your locks changed


We get many requests from customers such as rekeying or changing a lock.  Let’s Learn the difference. When we re-key a lock, we replace the existing pins in the cylinder with new ones that will fit a new key. The old key will no longer work after this. This should be done with any new place you move into or when you have a person who has a key that you no longer want to have access.  This could be for a residential or commercial property.

Changing a lock is if your lock was non-repairable, you wanted to change the style and color, or if you wanted to upgrade to a better lock for added security.

Dunedin Locksmith Review

Francine, Dunedin, FL 34698

Description Of Locksmith Services:
Telephoned in the morning and Jim came right over in the afternoon. Since this is a rental apartment, I wanted to be completely sure that no keys were somewhere out in the world unknown to me. Jim re-keyed the deadbolt. He then demonstrated that the lock on my downstairs storage closet could be opened with a screwdriver.

He replaced that nonsense with a new deadbolt plus fixed the storage door so that it was no longer out of plumb and easier to open. He also supplied the six extra keys I needed and now both my front door and storage door open with the same key. Much better situation for me. All in all, great service and I saved a bit with the 5% senior discount.

Dunedin Locksmith
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