Safety Harbor Locksmith Review

Karen, Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Description of Locksmith Services:
Change locks and provide duplicate keys.

I had mediocre locks on my doors and someone tampered with my locks. I had door locks on two doors replaced with the highest quality deadbolt double tumbler locks. I needed the work done quickly and “Florida Keys” came out the same day. Jim explained very thoroughly the different type locks he had to offer. He did not push any particular lock – he explained all the qualities of each lock.

To some of you his charge of $407.14 may seem high – because the house is vacant for a few months out of the year, I decided on the highest quality double tumblers. There is no value that can be placed on “peace of mind.”

I highly recommend “Florida Keys!” Jim the owner is a trustworthy locksmith who has lived and been in this business in the Tampa area for a long time. I do not want a “fly by night” company working on my HOME LOCKS! Do your homework when looking for a locksmith.

Safety Harbor Locksmith
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